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Lightning Protection Systems That Work

A lightning protection system is designed to accomplish one simple task: provide a specific path along which a lightning bolt can travel and become safely grounded. By working with Boston Lightning Rod Co., Inc. in Dedham, MA, we can install a system in your home or business that can bypass the destructive power of a lightning bolt and channel its electricity into a safe place.

This leaves your home, family members, and personal belongings unharmed, as well as the structural integrity of the property.

When talking about preventing lightning, it is important to understand the nature of the system that defends and protects your home. Lightning systems do not attract or prevent bolts from striking your building, they simply divert it using our effective installations.

These installations include:

Air Terminals: Also known as lightning rods, these copper and metal rods are mounted vertically on the highest point of the house or commercial building. They will intercept all lightning strikes, causing them to end up harmlessly planted in the earth to avoid damage or injury.

Bonds: Bonds are essential for the control of electric current. They prevent any side flashes (electricity traveling between two objects) by grounding metal objects to the main conductor cable.

Grounds: The grounds are connected to metal grounding rods which are buried approximately 10 feet in the earth. When lighting travels through the system it is then buried with them, effectively eliminating the chance for injury or damage. 

Main Conductors: Generally constructed from copper or aluminum, these cables are essential in connecting air terminals to grounds.

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