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Commercial Lightning Protection for Businesses of Any Size

Although thunderstorms can be tracked, lightning strikes are unpredictable. At Boston Lightning Rod Co., Inc., we provide commercial lightning protection services that are suitable for structures of any size.

Image of a buildings with the Lightning Protection Systems on it.

Why Your Building Needs Commercial Lightning Protection

Without a protection system in place, lightning strikes can cause significant structural damage to your property. Not only can this limit your ability to operate your business, but it can also be very costly. In fact, some strikes can lead to fires, which can damage the exterior of your building along with everything inside. Lightning strikes also pose a risk to your electronic equipment. Depending on how your business operates, this type of damage can cripple your operations system entirely, causing a great financial loss.

Installation Service

During the installation process, we use a variety of materials and components. Air terminals comprise the top part of the system, where the strike will initially make contact. The conductors, which are made of copper or aluminum, then transfer the strike from the terminal and into the ground. Underground materials designed to safely disperse the energy include rods, cable grids, and buried plates. Surge protection devices may also be used to protect your electrical equipment. Our electrical designers will help you determine which type of device is most suitable for your property.

Call Boston Lightning Rod Co., Inc. today at 800-992-3466 to request an estimate or to discuss ways to protect your business from lightning. Contact us to learn more.

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