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Professional Lightning Surge Protection Services in Dedham, MA

Living in New England means dealing with intense weather throughout the year. Heavy rains, strong winds, and lightning can seriously threaten homes and businesses. The best way to protect yourself against an electrical storm is with lightning surge protection from Boston Lightning Rod Co., Inc. According to the Lightning Protection Institute, direct lightning strikes account for more than $200 million in damages every year. Our lightning protection services can help to greatly diminish property damage and losses.

We have been serving the Boston area since 1873 and are proud to be registered with several organizations, including the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and the United Lightning Protection Association (ULPA). Our years of experience and connections with industry organizations showcase our commitment to providing our clients with unparalleled services.

Image of a Lightning Protection Systems

Why Use Lightning Surge Protection For Your Home Or Business?

Without protection from electrical surges, your property is vulnerable every time lightning strikes. These spikes in electricity can lead to ruined electronics or even fire damage. Irreparable personal injuries may also occur. You could end up spending thousands of dollars covering medical bills, replacing lost equipment, and on construction and restoration costs. You can help avoid these threats with a lightning surge suppression system consisting of Surge Suppression Devices (SPDs). Some insurance companies may even offer a discount on your premium if you have professionally installed lightning protection on your property.

Image of a building with the Lightning Protection Systems on it.

We Utilize the Technology Available to Us

Our company has been helping to protect the Dedham, MA area from the effects of lightning strikes since 1873. Whether you need protection for your home or business, our SPD system is specially designed to handle transient surges. Transient surges, also called impulses or spikes, are temporary rises in voltage and electrical currents that can occur from a lightning strike. These bursts can send thousands of volts of electricity into your home over a period of 1-10 microseconds. This can cause significant disruption, damage, and destruction to your valuable electrical systems and equipment.

Image of a Lightning Protection Systems

What Is a SPD System?

Surge suppression systems are special devices that are designed with two main functions. They provide a place for transient current and voltage to go where it can be equalized. They also absorb or divert any excess energy away from the protected loan. Our SPD systems are made with such levels of reliability, effectiveness, and durability that they are able to repeat the equalization and diversion process thousands of times.

A Surge Suppression Device is a device that is installed on an AC or DC power line to act as a cutoff if there is a momentary surge of electrical power, also known as a “transient.” SPD devices are considered crucial to the protection of sensitive equipment, which would result in circuitry damage or data loss if power overloads were allowed to pass through to them.

Why Are SPD Systems Beneficial?

These days, our lives are almost entirely dependent on electricity. Our phones, computers, appliances, air conditioners, and other devices need some level of surge suppression in order to keep things running smoothly. Our SPD systems can supply these devices with a steady stream of the necessary amount of energy and divert any excess energy into the ground.

Our SPD System

Our SPD units for AC panel applications are UL 1449 4th Edition Listed, UL1283 Listed, and CE Certified. All units are designed and built in the U.S. in a modern ISO 9001 manufacturing facility. They feature both component-level thermal fusing and a patent-pending internal circuit board mounted over-current fusing.

The multi-stage hybrid network, all-mode design, and circuit encapsulation offer the lowest “Let-Through Voltage” in the industry. We can offer both internal and external designs in many styles and options. The voltage range is 1 to 4160V with peak surge ratings of 90 to 900KA per phase. Our SPD Supplier, Surge Suppression Incorporated, warranties all these units for a period of 25 years from the date of installation.

What to Expect From Our Installers

When you choose one of our lightning surge protection systems, it will be evaluated by one of our experienced lightning protection estimators. After conducting an evaluation, we will design a custom system that works best for your property, providing you with expert protection that’s virtually undetectable.

Our systems are designed to intercept and divert electrical surges that may be the result of normal swells and sags of voltage or lightning strikes. The excess energy is transferred through a series of conductor cables and bonds until it can be safely discharged into our integrated exterior lightning protection system. For lightning surge protection you can rely on, choose Boston Lightning Rod Co., Inc. We can handle jobs of all sizes. Contact us today at 800-992-3466 to learn more about our services. Feel free to check out our gallery to view some of our work.

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