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Professional Lightning Rod Installation Services

The skilled team at Boston Lightning Rod Co., Inc. will provide you with a professional lightning rod installation that will help to protect your home or business from unexpected strikes. This protection system prevents lightning electricity from being drawn directly to your building. Instead, it will be drawn to the rod, transferred through a series of cables, and directed into the ground.

The Lightning Rod Installation Process

Before we begin the installation, we will take an assessment of your property, including measurements of the roof and the foundation. We will then provide a design layout and a comprehensive estimate. To begin the installation, we will attach the air terminal to the roof. Then we will connect the air terminal and copper cables to a ground rod that we will bury 10 feet underground. We will do our best to make the protection system as discrete as possible, ensuring that we don’t interfere with the aesthetics of the building.

Where Lightning Rod Installation Is Most Appropriate

Although lightning strikes can occur almost anywhere, there are certain places where lightning rod systems are more beneficial. First of all, any home or businesses located in an area with lightning strike numbers that are above average should seriously consider purchasing a protection system. Homes built on mountaintops, near the edge of large bodies of water such as Cape Cod Bay or the Atlantic Ocean, and those in the midst of an expansive area of flat land are highly susceptible to lightning strikes.

Tall buildings, especially those located in urban areas, also have a greater risk. In fact, the Empire State Building receives anywhere from 20 to 25 lightning strikes every year, according to Dr. Martin Uman, a lightning expert from the University of Florida. 

In addition to installing lightning rods, Boston Lightning Rod Co., Inc. provides lightning surge protection and voltage surge protection services. Contact us today at 781-326-2807 to schedule your personalized installation appointment.