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Reliable Residential Lightning Protection Services

Every year, a significant number of homes are struck by lightning. The Insurance Information Institute reports that, on average, lightning strikes claims represent almost 5 percent of all of the insurance claims filed by homeowners in the United States. Boston Lightning Rod Co., Inc. is dedicated to providing the residential lightning protection necessary to keep you, your loved ones, and your property safe.

Why Your Home Needs Lightning Protection

Lightning causes more than just structural damage. Lightning strikes can also result in serious bodily injury and, in rare cases, death. While searching for a path to the ground, lightning will sometimes utilize water pipes, computers, cable lines, and electrical lines. As the strike moves between objects, the potential for fires and explosions increases. Despite what many people may believe, living in a one-story home or a low-lying area doesn't decrease the risk of lightning strikes. Lightning is unpredictable and can strike anywhere.

Residential Lightning Systems

With the increased use of electronics, electric fences, and electrical appliances, modern homes are particularly at risk for potential lightning strikes. Our skilled technicians will take these features into account and formulate a protection plan suitable for your home. Despite what some people believe, lightning protection systems do not attract more lightning strikes. In fact, these systems aren’t even made to prevent them. Instead, our devices help to direct lightning safely into the ground to discharge the electricity, reducing the threat to your property. Please keep in mind that lightning systems should only be installed by professionals. Improperly installed systems can be extremely dangerous.


Boston Lightning Rod Co., Inc. has helped protect New England residents from lightning since 1873. We are members of several professional associations and strive to stay informed about local regulations and safety standards. If you still have questions about how lightning protection systems work, consult our FAQ page to learn more. To find out about how we can help protect your home from lightning strikes, contact us today at 800-992-3466.