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Advanced Lightning Protection System

Because lightning strikes are unpredictable, it is best to be prepared at all times. Boston Lightning Rod Co., Inc. offers lightning protection systems that can help defend homes against unexpected strikes.

Trusted Lightning Protection Systems in Dedham, MA

A lightning strike can cause serious and costly damage to your home and your belongings. In fact, the Lightning Protection Institute states that lightning strikes cause more than 400 injuries and hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage each year.

We are dedicated to helping you protect your home and your family with a custom lightning rod system. These protection systems are designed to provide a specific path along which a lightning bolt can travel, leading the electricity safely to grounds buried deep in the earth.

Types of Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning protection systems use many functions to protect your property. However, it’s important to note that these systems do not attract lightning, nor are they capable of preventing lightning from striking a building. Instead, they work to divert the energy from a lightning strike with a combination of lightning rods, conductors, and grounds. Advanced systems, such as our Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) system, can also help protect your valuable electronics and appliances against the sudden surge in electricity caused by a lightning strike.

Installation Services

At Boston Lightning Rod Co., Inc., we carefully design our lightning protection systems so that each component works together to provide you with the most advanced protection available.

These components include the following:

- Air terminals: Also known as lightning rods, these copper and metal rods are mounted vertically on the highest point of a house or commercial building. They work to intercept all lightning strikes, causing them to end up harmlessly planted in the earth.

- Bonds: Bonds are essential for the control of electric currents. They prevent any side flashes (electricity traveling between two objects) by grounding metal objects to the main conductor cable.

- Grounds: The grounds are connected to metal grounding rods that are buried approximately 10 feet in the earth. When lightning travels through the system, it is then buried with the rods, effectively eliminating the chance of injury or damage.

- Main conductors: Generally constructed from copper or aluminum, these cables are essential in connecting air terminals to grounds.

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